(posted 10-18-17)

​​How to use the MARKET page (Instructions)
To Post a "For Sale" or “Wanted” item please send an E-Mail to Paul Ratliff, PaRatliff@yahoo.com with the following information:
     1. Name of TVBC member to contact
     2. Email address and/or telephone number
     3. Hours to call if by telephone
     4. Description of item to buy/sell
     5. Price
     6. Attach a picture or two, if possible.
The seller/buyer should let Paul Ratliff, PaRatliff@yahoo.com know when the item is sold/purchased. Items may be removed from the website after 3 months.

Wonder what your BIKE is worth today?

Go to  http://www.bicyclebluebook.com to find out. You will need the year, make and model to start. This site allows you to customize the results based on the equipment on your bike.

The Villages, FL