The Village Bicycle Club Board of Directors has unanimously approved the following changes to the Club Bylaws and plans to bring it to a vote of the membership. 

Changes to the Bylaws (April Picnic Meeting)
Explanation: Some wording in the club bylaws makes voting by the general membership on important issues difficult.  Consequently, it was approved to change the definition of “quorum” to 12 members.  It was also approved to change the required advance notice for voting on important issues from 45 days to 21 days.  Advance notice may be given by providing details of the proposed issue via email, the club newsletter, or posting on the club website.

Section 5.9 A quorum at any regular or special meeting of TVBC shall be not less than 12 active members (currently 30 active members) in good standing.

Section 8.2 After the Board of Directors has approved the proposed change it shall be published via the TVBC website no less than 21 days (currently 45 days) before the date of the designated membership meeting for approving changes. Changes to the bylaws shall require a two-thirds vote by the members attending and voting for approval.

Chris Schmidt


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Upcoming   Events

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Gate Malfunction, Accident Report, Safety - Please use caution at the gates.  We had another cyclist get hit on Jan 6, 2015 by the exit gate on Enrique Drive.  An incident report has been submitted on the SLBC web site. I believe the cyclist was stationary waiting for the light and  gate came down on him.

Gate Malfunction - Use this form to report an improperly functioning entrance or exit gate. The information collected is forwarded to the appropriate officials.

Cycling Accidents - Use this form to report accidents requiring professional medical care.

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Welcome to The Village Bicycle Club (TVBC)


The Village Bicycle Club sponsors a Club ride everyday but main rides are Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday (see the "Club Ride Schedule" below for details. All visitors are welcome to ride with us but you must be 18 or older (see the "Visitor Agreement" below for details. 

Ride Start Time Changes: 

  • Apr 1 - Sep 30, rides start @ 8:00 AM at El Santiago
  • Oct 1 - Nov 30, rides start @ 8:30 AM at El Santiago
  • Dec 1 - Mar 31, rides start @ 9:00 AM at El Santiago

Also, you can start from the Ruby Tuesday parking lot at 30 minutes prior for the warm-up ride to El Santiago Rec Center.

Club meetings are at 7 PM on the 2nd Monday of each month in the El Santiago Recreation Center, 2373 Enrique Drive, The Villages, FL. Bring resident ID or guest pass for entry to the building.

The Villages, Florida

Police Report a Must for All Cyclists Hit by a Vehicle <=Click on link.
Posted by Chris Burns in Florida Bicycle Laws, on Wednesday, May 18, 2016.
Traffic Crash Report is mandatory where a crash between a bicyclist and a motorist involves bodily injury to any party, death, or damage to any vehicle, bicycle or other property of at least $500. …​

FREE app called

Step-by-step instructions on how to register for

If you have any questions, please contact Pam Powell ( to get started.

​​​​​​​​Next Club Meeting:

Monday, Oct 8, 7 PM El Santiago Rec. Center

Members, spouses, friends, & visitors are all welcome but please bring your Village ID or guest pass for entry into the recreation center

Save the date for future Club Meetings:

          (7 PM, 2nd Monday of each month)

​          El Santiago Rec. Center

No meetings May - September

  • Oct 8, Monday, 7 PM
  • Nov 12, Monday, 7 PM​

​Apr 14 - 19, Sat - Thu

Florida Bicycle Safari 2018.  Registration starts 1/1/18​


Apr 21, Sat

Ride for the Arts, Ocala, FL, see Link for details.

3 Routes: 70 miles, 40 miles & 14 miles

May 5, Sat - 1st Saturday of the month
Wear your club jersey day

May 7, Mon

Club Cycling Trip to Paris & the Loire Valley
We are going cycling i
n France and you're invited to go with us. The trip (reservation # 276451-Chris Schmidt) is rated “Easy” as we will be site-seeing while casually cycling through the "Garden of France".  Currently no open spots are available.  [LINK]


Jun 2, Sat - 1st Saturday of the month
Wear your club jersey day
Jul 7, Sat - 1st Saturday of the month
Wear your club jersey day
Aug 4, Sat - 1st Saturday of the month
Wear your club jersey day
Sep 1, Sat - 1st Saturday of the month
Wear your club jersey day

Oct 1, Mon

Ride Start Time Changes:

Rides start @ 8:30 AM at El Santiago


Group Riding Training Manuals

For more information and exercises on group riding techniques, refer to the following documents.

Documents courtesy of Jack Logomarsino and the Sumter Landing Bicycle Club

 and League of American Bicyclists

TVBC (The Village Bicycle Club) has clothing items for sale with TVBC logo.  Many members and associates already have these items.  Wear your LOGO proudly! See price list in the "Links" tab above.  Various jerseys, shorts, tights, jackets and caps.

Cycling The Villages 
This is the bicycle master plan for The Villlages that was prepared by the Bike Friendly Advocacy Group.  We received a Silver award from the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) for 2014-2018 as a Bike-Friendly Community.  We will be re-applying next year and hope to receive a Gold award.  Cycling The Villages is part of this process.  Click on the link to download a PDF file of the document.  Please review it and send any comments, corrections or suggested additions to Diana Mirkin,

​​Looking for more in Florida --- Check out Cycling Across America.

VISITORS: ALL VISITORS ARE WELCOME TO RIDE WITH US but you must be 18 or older. You do not have to be a club member for your first ride. Check out the "Club Ride Schedule" then print the "Visitor Agreement." Complete, sign, and bring it with you on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. Your contact information is NOT shared nor sold. New riders should arrive 10 minutes early so we can get you into the right pace group. Helmets, mirrors, and hydration are required.


​March 2017 Club Picnic

​Click here and check out this video showing why you should never overlap the wheel of the bike in front of your bike.

Club Jerseys - Phil Ruppert periodically places an order for club jerseys and shorts. They are available in both men's and women's CLUB CUT styles with full zipper or 1/4 zipper. Price is approx $65.

Contact Phil Ruppert (352) 391-7625  or e-mail 

Bicycling in The Villages Video -- See The Villages video featuring members of our club and Sumter Landing club  (Click here) 

Want to join MVP Athletic Club?

See exclusive pricing on the "Links" Tab for TVBC members & associate members.

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